Anniversary Month

Its me, well, mom died on her birthday and we buried her on my sister’s birthday and I just hope mom and dad don’t elope one night without finding me first- its magical thinking but I am kind of scared to see this one hit- a year, I think, but it feels more like two or three years- its hard but I’ve somehow managed to manage, and feel guilty that I’m proud of myself!  ( It like the secret cookie stash people have ! )


picky tongue two part answer

I choose to lose the  insecurity and discomfort of bloating by no sugar and salt! 


Also, I know some people at church and I said no to them and they said they were going to make my life miserable since I’m not a swinger! At work they saw me and 4 being in the swinging not single group made about that many complaints about me one at a time and the boss gave me a stern lecture and told me to watch my mouth- I said, very kindly, what had Really happened and did I look like Bob Forrest? ( get a dictionary !) I ended up holding my tongue and got promoted to neuropsychology on my experiment floor- that’s fun, I want to earn my stethoscope and my microscope by october!  


By the way, the beer drinker post- if I may be so bold- I’m just Excited- there’s one ya’ll would Love and its called ODrool’s or something!  ( no alcohol and just enjoy the taste, it also comes in fizzy champagne bottles and if you like to just pretend and remember it all in the morning there is apple juice that you can pretend is whiskey and pepsi is brandy if you let it sit for a day( who ever heard of a fizzy finger of brandy?!)


Lastly, Bob Forrest asked not on word press what fun alcohol withdrawal songs there are: 

You ain’t much fun since I quit drinkin’

Killin time for eternity! 

A song for if you Don’t quit doin’

The worms crawl in the worms crawl out the worms eat peanuts on your snout! 



I dreamed about mama last night

I dreamed about mama last night, I held her hand and we window shopped.  She doesn’t speak in these dreams but we enjoy each other to the hilt!  But to bury someone on their birthday isn’t fun at all, you don’t know what to do with their presents, I just gave them to my sister and her daughter! I wish I knew how it feels to die! ( you know, nde’s and such )